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Funding the

Underprivileged and

Underrepresented in Sport



WalkOff challenges Racism in Sport by increasing awareness of sporting talent in diverse global communities. Their goal is to help create future athletes who will then support WalkOff in challenging racism in sport. Society responds to sports stars

and they have a duty to lead by example.

The GSA is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Our goal is to be the springboard for amateur athletes to reach professional status and also to create career pathways in sport for young people aged 5-21 who are from Underprivileged & Underrepresented


The GSA will fund the work of WalkOff and other similar community projects. This means young budding athletes will receive yearly grants to pay for equipment, coaching, travel expenses to attend global tournaments and other relative costs.


Global Sports Association


Our Patron

Having worked in the elite realms of sport for many years it gives me great pride and pleasure to be associated with a charity like this. In recent years I have also focused on the grass roots of my sport and I have seen many talented young individuals from ethnic minorities that just don’t have the opportunities to showboat their immense talents due to the lack of support primarily down to financial reasons.


It gives me great pleasure to be a patron to this charity and nothing will give me greater pleasure in seeing one of our talents excel from grass roots all the way to the top of their chosen sport through our financial and resource support.

Kieron Vorster

The Global Sports Association (GSA) was formed by the team at WalkOff, after many requests from local supporters

to create a funding platform. The

GSA will address the lack of #DiversityInSport by encouraging opportunities to access sports careers

on & off the field.

I love what we stand for and equality in sport is at the forefront of my mind, and I strongly believe in equal & fair opportunity in order for everyone to excel and show off their talents



We will be collaborating with our global partners

More partners to be announced

Our Partners

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