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Founder & Chair

Grass roots sport in the UK lacks equal opportunities for young people from poor or racially diverse communities. We want to assist these groups to access the so called rich sports such as Tennis.


To find & fund a potential Sporting Champion who could inspire the next generation from his/her community would be a success story.


I believe that equality in sport can be achieved and I will gladly work alongside other volunteers to help the GSA succeed.

I will always volunteer my skills & declare that I will never accept any salary as the Founder & Chair




Our Trustees

Michael Bullar


Satnam Sagoo

Chisanga Malata

Youth Worker

Sports Facility Manager

Sports Journalist

Find partners to provide other sports

Secure location to build a UK Tennis facility

Identify 2 global cities to build 2 Tennis centres

Qualify young coaches for career progression

Short term - Year 1

Long term - Year 1 to 5

3 Global Tennis Centres

Creating jobs for young coaches

20 young athletes in Britain to gain elite status

Introduce exchange program re coaching

Community Tennis for

Scouting Talent

Elite Coaching for

Talent Development


Our Goals




Taj Singh

Our Coaches


Ethan Mcpherson

Ethan is a former pro player and was ranked 11th in Britain.

He's worked with some of the best coaches in the world & now coaches elite players in London.


Tennis parents love him as he achieves rapid results.

Ethan has a prolific record for mentoring athletes re mental strength & nutrition. Our founder thinks he's a machine!



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Luca Appino

Luca is an award winning talent scout linked with such greats as

Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, Kim Clijsters & Dinara Safina.


He's the founder & head coach of Tennis Talents Academy.

Luca runs global coaching workshops and co wrote a book with Tony Nadal called ‘The World of Rafael Nadal: The Secrets of his Success” 


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Tennis project structure

New trustees to be announced soon